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Please reach out if you would like to collaborate or do some mutual brain picking. I'm always up for conversation with like-minded, inquisitive strangers and fellow designers over coffee or libations.


San Francisco

Malia Eugenio is photography and product designer dwelling in San Francisco.




Hi, I'm Malia. 👋🏽

I believe in the power of technology to enhance human existence, by connecting us with people and new ways of experiencing the world.


As a product designer based in San Francisco, I am currently designing software that helps people and businesses find the answers they need at SurveyMonkey. Previously, I spent my time designing technology for people and their pets at Whistle.

To me, being a designer means possessing an insatiable curiosity about how things work and why things work the way they do. It's also about figuring out how things can work even better. I love the energy in hives of creative people - bringing new ideas out of our hearts and brains, and making them practical for others to use.

When I'm not designing, you can find me reading, photographing with one of my beloved film cameras, playing outside, or trying to do something weird in my kitchen. I also love to teach people about design thinking at General Assembly and through volunteer work with organizations such as Inneract Project

I'm also a firm believer in having lots of fun.