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I'm currently open to part-time contractual design work and collaboration opportunities with other photography enthusiasts. In my book, it's always good to have a side hustle.


San Francisco

Malia Eugenio is a photographer & User Experience designer with a passion for designing simple, intuitive products that meet business & user needs. She is currently based in Los Angeles, CA.


Product design work for the core SurveyMonkey product experience.

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Feature & Product Design

UI design, interaction design, feature validation, rapid prototyping, information architecture, A/B testing, growth experiments


The Feature: Payment Question Type

SurveyMonkey users need a way to collect payments from their survey respondents. The primary use cases for this feature are donations, trade show purchases, ticket sales, and fundraising. 

Payment Question Type.png

The Challenge: Design 2 flows to accommodate varying user needs

In order to satisfy the various use cases for this question type, we decided to design two distinct flows for collecting payments within surveys. 

The "simple flow" allows users to add payment to their surveys by charging one fixed price for an item at the end of the survey. This flow is perfect for allowing survey creators to sell tickets to events, individual items, or charge a fixed donation. 

The "complex flow" allows users to assign prices to existing survey questions, such as multiple choice, in order to give their respondents options for purchasing within the survey. 

We partnered with Stripe to support the user experience of collecting payments at the end of the survey via a dedicated payment page.

PQT Complex Flow.png

The Solution: Easy question creation and mobile-friendly respondent design

We validated this design approach in a usability testing phase, in which we tested how intuitive the payment question create flow and respondent experience was. 

I designed all states for this feature - including the question editor states and respondent states for all supported question types. 

Respondent 1.png
Respondent 2.png